Friday, 22 October 2010

Half term and lazy dreams...

Hey everyone,

I decided that I MUST do another BLOG POST if I propose to get anywhere on blogger so yahh, here it is... I am just gonna be talking about inspiration today as I cannot be bothered to do any photo outfits tonight because I have dancing in the morning and I am going to LANDAAAANNNN (London) tomorrow which will be radical, so images and ispiration will DEFINITELY be posted soon.

P.S. check out Karolina's blog, she is one of my closest friends and she is AWESOME!

Here we go, inspiration!
(For music and fashion purposes!) x
 Love this rock 'n' roll style...Probably the best band everrrr!!!!

Loving this whole image of black and red graphics... I doodle this kinda way
all the time!

The Runaways looking super COOL in the seventies>>> I LOVE the

And this t-shirt is awesome too...Lurrvvv it but not sure
where it is from>>>?

So that is it for now, but I really love this causual rock style and you have to admit, the RUNAWAYS where pretty awesome>>>CHERRY BOMB!!!

Write tomorrow>>>


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