Saturday, 13 November 2010

The Secret Garden...

Hello there,

Remember me? I posted just over two weeks ago, I know, not very recent and regular, but I have not had any time at all due to commitments in life that would take a rather long time to explain!

So anyhow, I have found a little time (about an hour; to be precise) to do a rather coooool post for my dear little followers, all twelve of them! I know who you all are, yesss, I do!

So, I decided to do a 'Secret Garden' post, in my garden actually, because I am really feeling this whole gothic, mysterious vibe in clothing...Haha...that sounded professional! I was aiming to portray my feelings at this exact moment in time of deep thoughts, self absorption (don't ask...), and pondering feelings. I don't know whether you feel that at all here, again, it is for you all to decide...But I kind of, WANT you to feel that. Although, I am not hypnotising you (like I do to my dog Rosie to stop her barking at the fireworks, haha).

So, I am wearing a fiery, heart stone necklace from the Austrian Mountains ( I got it when I went skiing), random Italian jewellery, thick, opaque tights, military boots (my babies, I have had them since april, sooo comfy), and my lace dress. I think these pictures portray my style, probably like a 'relaxed, vintage rocker' hehe, my little definition going on there. (Oh sorry, if I am too enthusiastic by the way, I just love blogging too much to contain myself!)

Also, you probably don't really know what I look like, So here I am... Oh and thank you to EVERYBODY that has commented and particularly followed! I appreciate it SOOOO MUCH...If you follow me I will definitely consider following you, (if I like your blog that is)-but I am sure I will because my followers are the BOMB! If you comment, maybe you should consider following, NO PRESSURE, just saying...hehe!


As you can already see, these photos are in grayscale, but I just leave my camera in it most of the time because it is much more flattering than colour and I think if you want a vintage, moody feel, it really gives that emotion.

Don't mind me, I am just standing here by a swing, thinking, being self absorbed, it's really normal. Actually, I didn't know this photo was being taken, this is how I normally stand...Seriously...JOKE! Haha, no, CAT be serious now, this is a blog, a blog, a blog...hehe...

Prepare for the Paramore quote...
'you're not a judge, but if you're gonna judge me, well sentence me to another life...'
It says it all, don't you think?

Do you have 'deja'vu' about something in this picture, there's something familiar, hmmm, that, that...the DOG! ROSIE! Haha, Actually, I didn't know she was there but when I found out she was... Well, the next picture tells the story...

I attempted to cast a spell on went a bit like this...
'rah, rah, ah, ah, ah, ah, rumma, rummamaaa, GAGA, OOH LA LA, WANT YOUR BAD ROMANCE'
I never tire of that... seriously... oh and I was actually trying to get Rosie to sit..hehe... not casting a spell!

So there you have it, 'MY SECRET GARDEN'...I hope you liked this post, comment and follow if you did, because actually on my profile it says that 'great things to come to those who comment and follow'...hmmm. maybe I do have magic powers,,, well, you'll just have to wait and see!

Music, music, music, well, I am going to do this thing, and every time I post I will say what I am listening to, currently, it is...Itunes, Itunes, Itunes...


LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New post very soon and I already have ideas about my next post, very stoked about it actually, so, keep checking my blog and spread the word!



UPDATE: No, I haven't died or caught a deadly disease, new post this weekend, so keep checking in!

Any requests or reviews or anything? E-mail me, QUICK before I do my next post!

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