Monday, 10 January 2011

I won an Award...:)


Super quick post, just informing you guys that I won a blog award last week and I am super chuffed about it, it is utterly amazing... WOW! One of my bestest friends Deanna from Kiss to make-up presented me with the award and I am sooo happy< CHEERS DD!

I understand that I have to present the award to seven other bloggers like me, to provide support to talented individuals with under 100 followers, and I have narrowed it down to 10. Still deciding. Therefore, I will be announcing the seven award winners in a post later this week. Sorry! I just can't decide!

Henceforth, as a fashion ( beauty and health etc. is included in the category too) blogger with under 100 subscribers, I have to provide seven facts about me, here they are!

1) I am a Virgo, yeah baby! September the eighth, people always guess my starsign, apparently I'm a typical Virgo!

2) The GCSEs I have decided to take (in addition to core subjects) are Geography, French, Music and Art! I wanted to take Textiles in addition to this, but we were only allocated four subjects. :(

3) I have the palest skin on the planet, and on my arm near my wrist it is literally translucent. I kind of like due to the creepy blue and purple veins that are visible. I dunno. 

4) During the Christmas break I dip dyed my hair ultra violet purple and shocking red. Photos coming soon!

5) I should be revising for a Science GCSE right now. 

6) My secret obsession is brushing my teeth. I brush them about five times a day. It is a horrific OCD condition but I adore the minty, fresh mouth experience. It just makes you feel so supreme!

7) I play the guitar, the violin and am learning the Piano. My favourite thing to play is 'Bad Romance' by Lady Gaga. If you love music. Have seen the sheet notes. You'll totally get my drift. 

Well, that is it for now! There will be a super funky fashion related post up soon but I have to get through a few exams before then. Hmmm.... Gotta go revise... Talk soon! 

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