Sunday, 6 January 2013

At least I'm Original :)

Hey there!

So, just a quick post today, I have had this picture saved to my computer for a while now, because I thought it was so funny. I thought I would share it will you all, because I think it really defines 'Tumblr' and general teen fashion, at present. 

Not sure who exactly to give credit to, but whoever it is- THANK YOU!! 
I mean, at least I'm original, right? 
Speak to you all soon!
CAT xoxo

Wednesday, 2 January 2013


Hey Everyone, 

So 2012 has come to an end and we all have to embrace 2013 (and if you are like me, with reluctancy). I do not think 2013 will ever sound right to me, and it will take me until about 2014 to actually remember to write the correct date!!

Anyways, my style has altered slightly throughout 2012, and I think I have turned less scene and more mean!! As in, the love for anything black, baggy and leather still remains prominent in my closet. I mostly take my style inspiration from the most random places- anonymous people on the street, characters on television and film. Or just a general aim to depict my mood at the specific time of rummaging through my wardrobe!! Ahaha, I have to admit that I take least inspiration from fashion magazines themselves, for some reason they just cannot influence me as easily as a nineties 'chik flick'. 

So, here we have in my opinion the best and most influential dressed gals of 2012!! Let's go!! 

Miley Cyrus 

Awh, miley we love your twitta snapsss!! This girl got style, and even though I miss her brown long locks, I wouldn't mind those shades gurll!!

Cara Delevingne 

I don't think I am alone in loving this top model! Whether modelling 'Victoria's Secret' or chilling in her baggy tracksuits, she can pull of any look! Beanies and burgers Cara, Beanies and Burgers!

Hayley Williams


A moment of appreciation for all of hayley Williams hairstyles throughout they year! Although I could NEVER pull this off, Hayley 'wurksss' any outift with her 'hair did'!! 


Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga's running Princess theme through her songs, artwork and style has made me want to go scurrying around in a tiara and ball gown!! She is so mysterious and glam, and I think that despite our 'going grunge' society (studs-creepers and appreciation for out of tune bands) <--- no offence haha she gives some hope to those of us that appreciate fashion as art.

Well there it is!! My four main main ladies that I feel have been influential to style in more way than one throughout 2012. Let me know who you feel has made a difference to teen style throughout 2012!!

Much thanks for reading and HAPPY 2013!!


Sunday, 11 November 2012

Good Things only come to an end if you allow them to...

Greetings to any one reading,

How are you all?

So, we haven't spoken in almost two years, and I find this frightfully worrying! I am so sorry that I abandoned my blog, this is a decision I deeply regret because I really have missed my creative outlet!
There have been so many ideas floating around my head for such a long period of time, and I consistently wish to share my interests with bloggers alike me.

Therefore, to cut this potential essay short, I have *with little erratic consideration* decided to resume my blog, and I shall now list the reasons:

1) I miss reading other amazing blogs- DUH!

2) I have longed to write against my gothic backdrop once again, posting pointless pictures and obsessing over current teenage culture.

3) I not only aspire to inspire others with my fashion and music interests, but I additionally crave to draw from the blogosphere a sense of style and viewpoint that I can incorporate into my own lifestyle.

Henceforth, I hope anybody out there is happy to have me back!!!

I will post a more uplifting and less yawn-worthy post within the next few days, but in the mean time, I hope to update my following list, so any one who would like me to check out their blog, please comment below!!

Follow for edgy, potentially girly and sometimes curious posts that can inspire your artistic life choices this November.

I will be writing soon, I promise!!!!


Mucho appreciation,


Monday, 10 January 2011

I won an Award...:)


Super quick post, just informing you guys that I won a blog award last week and I am super chuffed about it, it is utterly amazing... WOW! One of my bestest friends Deanna from Kiss to make-up presented me with the award and I am sooo happy< CHEERS DD!

I understand that I have to present the award to seven other bloggers like me, to provide support to talented individuals with under 100 followers, and I have narrowed it down to 10. Still deciding. Therefore, I will be announcing the seven award winners in a post later this week. Sorry! I just can't decide!

Henceforth, as a fashion ( beauty and health etc. is included in the category too) blogger with under 100 subscribers, I have to provide seven facts about me, here they are!

1) I am a Virgo, yeah baby! September the eighth, people always guess my starsign, apparently I'm a typical Virgo!

2) The GCSEs I have decided to take (in addition to core subjects) are Geography, French, Music and Art! I wanted to take Textiles in addition to this, but we were only allocated four subjects. :(

3) I have the palest skin on the planet, and on my arm near my wrist it is literally translucent. I kind of like due to the creepy blue and purple veins that are visible. I dunno. 

4) During the Christmas break I dip dyed my hair ultra violet purple and shocking red. Photos coming soon!

5) I should be revising for a Science GCSE right now. 

6) My secret obsession is brushing my teeth. I brush them about five times a day. It is a horrific OCD condition but I adore the minty, fresh mouth experience. It just makes you feel so supreme!

7) I play the guitar, the violin and am learning the Piano. My favourite thing to play is 'Bad Romance' by Lady Gaga. If you love music. Have seen the sheet notes. You'll totally get my drift. 

Well, that is it for now! There will be a super funky fashion related post up soon but I have to get through a few exams before then. Hmmm.... Gotta go revise... Talk soon! 

What I am currently listening to: 
My Favourite Game
The Cardigans
Gran Turismo



Thursday, 23 December 2010


Hello everyone!
I promised a post, and despite it being slightly behind schedule, it's here!

Well, I am very happy right now because I just discovered that I have been chosen as one of the top 19 teen bloggers! WOW! I can't believe such a prospect, it has made me ecstatic and I am beyond thankful for being selected, it's just amazing! If you desire to check it out you can click here! There are tonnes of really cool, individual and insipring teen bloggers there so if your looking for fresh 'meat', take a peek!

So. Now you are probably pondering on why I have been so busy and unable to post. Am I right? Well, here's what I've been getting up to, incase you are bothered with my life, which I doubt.

A piece of music I composed had been chosen to be performed at the Royal College of Music.

Stardoll market research for a Fashion Show and a visit to CAMDEN TOWN!
A charity shop spree.
Kinda Smelly...

Went to Kingston!
I have been up to alot of other mischief but this has all been recent events... so... yup!

Additionally, I have discovered Polyvore, which is absolutely amazing! It is where you get to create moodboards of outfits and attire that you desire to purchase.

Hence the title of the post... this is what I created:

I really adore the fishnet tights. Henceforth, I went out to a disco the other night wearing them! Not sure how everybody took to them, but I loved them! Fishnet tights really jazz up an outfit and give a unique sense of style. I am in love. They're super cheap too!

Haha,,, I co-ordinate them with a vintage shirt... ( I am killing myself with laughter right now, it's so random, a picture of my leg)!

And a Reebok vest, I love tack!
This shirt is my life, no lie!

Two Door Cinema Club
I can Talk


I saw the giner guy out of Two Door Cinema Club in Rokit in Camden and I was like to Karolina and Deanna
'He's out of Two Door Cinema Club... 'and they were like...
'....who... you're going nuts'.....

Oh well, I think he was a tad depressed coz nobody knew who he was. Fame is going to hit him like a meteor explosion.


Ciao for now....

OH! Have a super, duper, banging Christmas too!

Love you, my little piggies in blankets!


Saturday, 11 December 2010


Bonjour mes amis!

I am sorry for the lack of posting recently, I feel totally ashamed! I will explain the reasons for my absence in a post this week, but right now, I literally do not have time to even breath!

Sorry for the urgency of this post. My days have been filled with exams, dancing, music and late nights, endlessly making use of any time that is wasted on sleep. Yeah, I don't sleep. At all. My friends call me 'nocturnal' and a 'vampire' because I am up all hours doing pointless activities like homework and music. 

BUT! I do love Lazy Oaf (despite the prices :o) and I feel that it is appropriate to post quickly about some of their products because I am a fool for lazy oaf, and all things related to the store, and with blogging recently, I have been a Lazy Oaf... I apologise eternally, but if you were in my shoes ( preferably the creepers below) you would understand. 

So bear with me until...wednesday????? Oh! I also remember saying that I would say hi to all my bloggers that were new, but your all amazing, so I just wanna say 'Ciao' to all 35 of you cool dudes! I also cannot believe the amazing feedback I received for my 'Secret Garden' post...60 comments! Just unbelieveable, thank you immensely!

What I'm currently listening to: 
Muse-Supermassive Black Hole
I first heard it from Twilight, woah. It's magic. 

Thanks everyone, and enjoy! 

P.S. If anybody wants to buy me any of these products, feel free! Haha! :)

Also, if there are any queries business wise or just generally, I 'm always ready to reply at:


La-la-la Lazy Oaf...:) 

Back to main image
Izzy from Swamped in Flowers knows about my obsession for these...
I sent her the creepiest e-mail...haha!

Love! YES! I do believe in love at first sight,,, for the top!

This necklace is incredibly fit! I love gold jewellery....Yeah I know its not real! 


Ciao for now peeps!

Fashion. Music. Life. 

Cat x






Saturday, 13 November 2010

The Secret Garden...

Hello there,

Remember me? I posted just over two weeks ago, I know, not very recent and regular, but I have not had any time at all due to commitments in life that would take a rather long time to explain!

So anyhow, I have found a little time (about an hour; to be precise) to do a rather coooool post for my dear little followers, all twelve of them! I know who you all are, yesss, I do!

So, I decided to do a 'Secret Garden' post, in my garden actually, because I am really feeling this whole gothic, mysterious vibe in clothing...Haha...that sounded professional! I was aiming to portray my feelings at this exact moment in time of deep thoughts, self absorption (don't ask...), and pondering feelings. I don't know whether you feel that at all here, again, it is for you all to decide...But I kind of, WANT you to feel that. Although, I am not hypnotising you (like I do to my dog Rosie to stop her barking at the fireworks, haha).

So, I am wearing a fiery, heart stone necklace from the Austrian Mountains ( I got it when I went skiing), random Italian jewellery, thick, opaque tights, military boots (my babies, I have had them since april, sooo comfy), and my lace dress. I think these pictures portray my style, probably like a 'relaxed, vintage rocker' hehe, my little definition going on there. (Oh sorry, if I am too enthusiastic by the way, I just love blogging too much to contain myself!)

Also, you probably don't really know what I look like, So here I am... Oh and thank you to EVERYBODY that has commented and particularly followed! I appreciate it SOOOO MUCH...If you follow me I will definitely consider following you, (if I like your blog that is)-but I am sure I will because my followers are the BOMB! If you comment, maybe you should consider following, NO PRESSURE, just saying...hehe!


As you can already see, these photos are in grayscale, but I just leave my camera in it most of the time because it is much more flattering than colour and I think if you want a vintage, moody feel, it really gives that emotion.

Don't mind me, I am just standing here by a swing, thinking, being self absorbed, it's really normal. Actually, I didn't know this photo was being taken, this is how I normally stand...Seriously...JOKE! Haha, no, CAT be serious now, this is a blog, a blog, a blog...hehe...

Prepare for the Paramore quote...
'you're not a judge, but if you're gonna judge me, well sentence me to another life...'
It says it all, don't you think?

Do you have 'deja'vu' about something in this picture, there's something familiar, hmmm, that, that...the DOG! ROSIE! Haha, Actually, I didn't know she was there but when I found out she was... Well, the next picture tells the story...

I attempted to cast a spell on went a bit like this...
'rah, rah, ah, ah, ah, ah, rumma, rummamaaa, GAGA, OOH LA LA, WANT YOUR BAD ROMANCE'
I never tire of that... seriously... oh and I was actually trying to get Rosie to sit..hehe... not casting a spell!

So there you have it, 'MY SECRET GARDEN'...I hope you liked this post, comment and follow if you did, because actually on my profile it says that 'great things to come to those who comment and follow'...hmmm. maybe I do have magic powers,,, well, you'll just have to wait and see!

Music, music, music, well, I am going to do this thing, and every time I post I will say what I am listening to, currently, it is...Itunes, Itunes, Itunes...


LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New post very soon and I already have ideas about my next post, very stoked about it actually, so, keep checking my blog and spread the word!



UPDATE: No, I haven't died or caught a deadly disease, new post this weekend, so keep checking in!

Any requests or reviews or anything? E-mail me, QUICK before I do my next post!

Also, I have decided I want to do shoutouts, so FOLLOW me in the next 24 hours and I will shoutout your blog!