Sunday, 11 November 2012

Good Things only come to an end if you allow them to...

Greetings to any one reading,

How are you all?

So, we haven't spoken in almost two years, and I find this frightfully worrying! I am so sorry that I abandoned my blog, this is a decision I deeply regret because I really have missed my creative outlet!
There have been so many ideas floating around my head for such a long period of time, and I consistently wish to share my interests with bloggers alike me.

Therefore, to cut this potential essay short, I have *with little erratic consideration* decided to resume my blog, and I shall now list the reasons:

1) I miss reading other amazing blogs- DUH!

2) I have longed to write against my gothic backdrop once again, posting pointless pictures and obsessing over current teenage culture.

3) I not only aspire to inspire others with my fashion and music interests, but I additionally crave to draw from the blogosphere a sense of style and viewpoint that I can incorporate into my own lifestyle.

Henceforth, I hope anybody out there is happy to have me back!!!

I will post a more uplifting and less yawn-worthy post within the next few days, but in the mean time, I hope to update my following list, so any one who would like me to check out their blog, please comment below!!

Follow for edgy, potentially girly and sometimes curious posts that can inspire your artistic life choices this November.

I will be writing soon, I promise!!!!


Mucho appreciation,


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