Sunday, 24 October 2010


AAAHHH! Is it not the most irritating thing when you go shopping and see SOO MAANNYYY clothes that you love and then you look at the label and it's like '80 pounds' for a necklace....

Well yerrr, that is what happened to me yesterday!!!!!! 'I wanna be a millionaire so badly!!!!!'.  But I did buy a pair of new shoes because my PRIMARK brogues from last JANUARY were wrecked (there was no sole)> :( Although, I did not buy another pair of BROGUES because everyone in school has them now....Oh well, that's what fashion is meant to do,,, Spread like a disease!

Anyways, as usual, in London I am consistently looking for inspiration in music and clothes.. and trust me I SAW ALOT yesterday... I love the LONDON style...

Sooo, I will definitely be posting pictures soon but I have to upload them (which is a pathetic excuse, I am sorry)>:(

Anyhow,,,, I thought I would do an inspirational post today for WINTER 2010-2011,,, FASHION WISE (by the way I am listening to GORRILLAZZZZZZZZZZ right now,,, Feeling dizzy).

But before the pictures,,, I have also joined lookbook and as it is half term I will posting sooo many looks. So I will get the badge for my blog, but I am still sorting it all out and getting used to blogger.


In this photo of THE BBC RADIO 1 WEBSITE, I adore FEARNE'S relaxed yet fashionable style, it is soo cool and effortless. The red lipstick also gives a kind off retro look and personally, I hate lipgloss but LOVE LIPSTICK! (I have sooo many colours)>>>>>:)
(Check out DEANNA'S page for makeup posts)!!!!!

AGAIN, I ADORE THIS RELAXED, ROCKER STYLE and the long lacy tights gives another RELAXED impression and I just think that she looks effortless (which is what the kind of FASHIONABLE look I love)- If that makes sense!

So anyhow, you can check all of FEARNE'S looks HERE if you are stuck for something to wear or you need somebody to model yourself on... She's the one!

Will post looks of my own soon... Oh and thankyou to my four followers... Love you guys! x



  1. Love Fearne and her style
    Great opening sentence I can TOTALLY relate to it! ♥

  2. love fearne cotton <3


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